GFE Sustainable, Inc. (GFE) was founded in 2009 as a clean and renewable energy company. GFE’s founders assembled an excellent team of business professionals, with decades of experience in both private and public sectors; each with a history of success in their respective specialties and all committed to providing an unparalleled, successful corporate culture and environment. Each team member brings industry specific knowledge and experience in the geothermal and renewable energy markets, utilities and resource development. GFE’s management professionals provide key competitive strengths with a broad range of national and international experience. As GFE continues to grow, management will actively be looking to engage professionals with the same high standards as our current team members.


  • GFE’s diverse assets and resources, combined with its proven Management Team, has positioned GFE for long-term growth.
  • GFE is a unique sustainable clean and renewable energy resource developer. GFE develops renewable energy resources in the fields of geothermal, PV solar, licensed technologies and intellectual properties, distribution, renewable energy credits and water.
  • GFE utilizes the industry’s latest technologies with proven state-of-the-art sustainable design and application.
  • GFE has a significant competitive advantage both to develop our own energy assets and participate with third parties in developing other renewable resources.
  • GFE seeks opportunities to acquire, or partner with, energy producers facing regulatory challenges from an existing high carbon footprint. We will use tax credits and retrofit and other technologies to meet current and future Federal EPA regulatory requirements in order to preserve and create employment opportunities.
  • GFE seeks partnerships with other existing utilities, municipalities, and companies focused on the development of clean and renewable energies.
  • GFE has positioned itself for growth and secured the rights to technologies for clean and renewable projects. GFE is also engaged in the development of grid stabilization projects and power back-up stations for use with our PV Solar sites.
  • GFE’s investment in R & D will create jobs, improve human health, enhance access to clean energy, clean water and address global climate change. Additionally, GFE collaborations with environmental and educational programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will continue to make a difference now and for future generations.



Geothermal energy is a proven, over 100 years old technology on the grid producing over 10,000 megawatts (“MW”) in 24 countries worldwide, and meets the current needs of 60 million people. The U.S. Geothermal Industry had about 3.5 gigawatts (“GW”) of installed nameplate capacity and 2.71 GW of net capacity at the end of 2014. In total the U.S. market has about 1,250 MW of geothermal power under development. In a 2015 report from the University of Michigan Center for Sustainable Systems, it was reported that electricity generated from geothermal power plants is projected to increase from 16.6 billion kilowatt-hours (“kWh”) in 2014 to 69.6 billion kWh by 2040. Recently, the U.S. President proposed a Federal Clean Energy Standard to obtain 80 percent of American electricity from geothermal and other clean sources by 2035. There are presently 3,525 MW of geothermal power plants in operation in the United States—the most of any country—and more than 1,250 MW in 83 projects are in development. GFE has developed strategic alliances and partnerships which will enable the Company to meet both current and future demands for energy. (for more information click here)

PV Solar

GFE continues to increase its Photovoltaic holdings. In light of National and International projected growth in the double digits for various products and technologies, with increasing pressure in the U.S. as it moves towards energy independence, the market demand for advancing technologies with increased efficiency will play an increasing role in the clean and renewable sector. GFE has been working within the appropriate scopes of advanced technologies and increased efficiency combined with cost effectiveness to provide a strong ROI for all involved. GFE has national as well as international agreements and distribution contracts in place for short and long-term growth. (for more information click here)


GFE is committed to doing things the right way at the right time, and finding solutions to sustainability before they are required, while maintaining profitability.

GFE is bringing the co-manufacturing of clean and renewable energy systems we use back to the U.S. We are working with our overseas co-manufacturing partners to create a favorable “sustainable bottom line” for our green energy products and commercial power projects. With our co-manufacturing agreements, we will be able to keep costs down while “re-shoring” manufacturing jobs.

As global pressure for clean and sustainable manufacturing continues to build, we will see an industry-wide rapid change in policy and standards. Those companies who have made the efforts to make changes early in clean renewable manufacturing of their products and in their processes will most likely be leaders of their industry in profitability. (for more information click here)

R & D

“For 2016, total U.S. R&D spending is expected to increase by 3.4% to $514 billion or a 1.9% increase after accounting for 2016’s expected 1.5% inflation rate. This is the third consecutive year of positive increases…” (2016 Global R&D Funding Forecast)

It’s estimated that the R&D Tax Credit and other related tax breaks save U.S. businesses more than $12 billion annually.

Any company that designs, develops, or improves products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software may be eligible for the R&D Tax Credit. GFE is committed to R&D. (for more information click here)


GFE is an energy resource development company that cultivates diverse thinking in our team members so that GFE can utilize its assets in all of the above-mentioned fields and more. GFE looks forward to implementing its long-term plans and working in unison with select partners for maximum corporate profitability and energy independence. In the near term GFE will drill several geothermal wells, begin construction on many MW of PV solar parks and license and/or sell rights to state-of-the-art technologies.

GFE believes the future of the next 100 years is extraordinarily bright for clean and renewable energy and technologies and looks forward to being an integral part of this future.


“Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

-Brundland Commission, 1987