Sustainable Agriculture

GFES and Fresh Valley Harvest (FVH) are developing a sustainable agriculture business in the Western Region . FVH, a division of GFES, is planning to build, own and operate a geothermal heated, solar assisted, Controlled Environment Greenhouse with a fully automated production and packaging system. FVH greenhouses will be located on a GFES-owned site. Positioned perfectly between two major distribution centers: Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. One of our premier sites is situated near a major interstate for optimal distribution of our products.

This drone video shows a portion of GFES’ prime agriculture location, which holds valuable growing resources to which GFES owns all rights to-geothermal heating for the greenhouse & clean cold water for growing our products. Once operational, our greenhouses will have the capacity to produce several million pounds of produce annually. Utah, Nevada and Idaho will finally have its own Locally Grown Fresh Produce 365 days a year. 

Our produce will be Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free, Herbicide-Free, No Chlorine Baths, and grown with 95% less water than traditional farming methods.

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