2021 Sustainability Mission Statements

Sustainable is the key word in our very name

Our vision is to sustain and preserve our planet now and into the future by harvesting power in the most environmentally friendly manner. Our growing community of employees, stakeholders, neighbors and customers all respond by joining and sustaining us in maintaining this vision.

Our Mission Statements


GFE’s mission is helping to preserve the environment by means of clean energy production, protecting the welfare of our team members, investors and partners. We choose to conduct business with partners that respect both human and workplace rights. We are committed to women’s economic empowerment; equality in compensation.


GFE is committed to reinvest in the communities where we operate through placement of clean and renewable energy resources, employment creation, educational scholarships, and conservation of natural resources.


GFE is committed to responsible clean water allocation with respect to food and energy production.


GFE’s development of clean and renewable resources will further reduce the carbon footprint.


GFE’s continuing investment in R & D will help create additional jobs, improve human health, enhance access to clean energy and water, address global climate change and contribute to environmental programs, and educational programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). GFE’s successful collaborations will continue to make a difference now and for future generations.


GFE is committed in its efforts to create positive business, community and shareholder value.


GFE understands the importance of conscientious operations in:

-Research & Development… 
It isn’t just about the environment.

Mission Progress

GFE’s foundation is built on principles, which help differentiate GFE and guide our activities. GFE conducts its business in an ethical and sustainable manner. GFE respects the earth and the laws pertaining thereto. GFE supports human and workplace rights.

GFE makes it a policy to hire qualified and passionate people and supports our US Troops in “harms way” by employing Veterans wherever possible. Our employees feel engaged when their work brings a connection to their beliefs.

GFE has contributed to national foundations, provided education tuition reimbursements, and hired from the local communities where projects are under development.

GFE is an asset-based company that holds valuable clean water resources, on the same sites that have been independently verified with geothermal hot-spots, and works with local communities to conserve and protect this exceptional resource.

GFE’s baseload geothermal projects and photovoltaic (PV) solar parks and other installations will further contribute to carbon-footprint reduction and increases employment opportunities.

GFE’s ongoing efforts create positive business value by employing a team of seasoned professionals in the following areas:

  • Clean and Renewable energy
  • Public & Private companies
  • Water & Food Resources
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Research & Development

GFE understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. Every dollar saved on energy, waste or inefficiency drops to the bottom line!

Adopting sustainability standards drives GFE to constantly refine and progress. GFE will continue to hire people with diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives. This very diversity will propel GFE forward now and for future generations.

GFE will continue to seek strategic “low carbon” partnerships.

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