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Sustainable Agriculture


GFES is also developing a sustainable agriculture business in Utah. FRESH VALLEY HARVEST, a division of GFES, is planning to build, own and operate a geothermal heated, solar assisted, Controlled Environment Greenhouse with a fully automated production and packaging system. The greenhouse will be located on a portion of GFES-owned land in Utah. Located perfectly between two major distribution centers: Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. One of our premier sites is located near a major interstate. This drone video shows a portion of GFES’ prime agriculture location which holds valuable growing resources to which GFES owns all rights to-geothermal heating for the greenhouse & clean cold water for growing our products. Once operational, our greenhouses will have the capacity to produce over several million pounds of produce annually. Utah & Nevada will not only have its own Fresh / Locally Grown Produce 365 days a year – Our produce will be Non-GMO / Pesticide free and grown with 95% less water than traditional farming.

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