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GFES has outstanding scalability and growth potential with Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).  In its first phase, CEA plans to introduce a highly efficient CEA greenhouse with proven technology.  CEA plans to feature state-of-the-art production power with a fully automated hydroponic growing, harvesting and packaging system.  CEA endeavors to meet the expanding demands from grocery chains and consumers while localizing our food supply for safer, locally grown sustainable food.  CEA’s 365-days per year growing method uses significantly less water and fewer energy resources than traditional farming methods.  The Controlled Environment Agriculture CEA phase one has been permitted and is located in Beaver, Utah in an “Opportunity Zone” between four major market distribution centers:  Salt Lake City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California.  Controlled Environment Agriculture is thinking differently about how to become more ecologically responsible in producing our food more efficiently.  The CEA project feasibility study has been completed and development of the project continues.  It is currently the Company’s plan to locate other CEA projects on other properties owned or leased by GFES.

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