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What we Do

A Clean and Renewable Energy Company

Renewable Energy

GFES has strategically increased its portfolio of project sites in the Western United States, all of which are located in areas defined as high solar radiation zones and…

Sustainable Agriculture and Water

GFES is also developing a controlled environment agriculture business, and we plan to grow sustainable, pesticide-free produce…

R&D and Manufacturing

GFES understands the importance of R&D in increasing the value of our core technologies. In recruiting the best, brightest and most innovative team members with..

Who We Are

Our Team Members have decades of experience

GFES’ founders assembled an excellent team of business professionals, with decades of experience in both private and public sectors; each with a history of success in their respective specialties and all committed to providing an unparalleled, successful corporate culture and environment. GFES is a diversified clean and renewable energy group of companies with assets and resources in:

Geothermal Energy, PV Solar Energy, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Distribution & Co-manufacturing, R&D, Renewable Energy Credits, and Water.

GFES is focused on the exploration and development of geothermal and solar photovoltaic (“PV”) solar energy parks, with co-manufacturing & distribution of complementary sustainable energy and technologies, the placing of Renewable Energy Credits.

About Us

We are a company that

Presents opportunities, owns valuable resources, contributes solutions, produces meaningful jobs, and solves environmental problems.

Tel: (877) 286-1175
Fax: (800) 918-6990

GFE Sustainable, Inc.
299 S Main Street, Suite 1300
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

GFE Sustainable, Inc.
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