ESG Statment

Our statement on environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

At GFE Sustainable Inc., our commitment to sustainability is not merely part of our name, it is a core value of our corporate culture. Our founding in 2009 began with identifying and purchasing a geothermal resource with substantial water rights. Since that first acquisition, we have focused on building a company centered around renewable and sustainable water, food, and energy assets.  Our team recognizes the increasingly vital need for these resources and has patiently built our holdings of sustainable water resources, alternative energy assets, and land.  We are currently completing our due diligence prior to launching environmentally friendly controlled environment agricultural and sustainable community development projects.

Beyond the balance sheet, we have steadily built human capital.  We recognize our staff members as our most valuable assets, followed closely by our investors, many of whom have supported us for a decade. Our board and management are committed to building and maintaining trust while fostering innovation, and we expect our employees, suppliers and advisors to support our corporate values. 

We continue our commitment to environmental responsibility by continually examining our activities and priorities to determine what actions we can and should take to preserve our water and foster lower carbon emissions while making our land more livable, as well as optimally productive. In order to serve these priorities, we have innovated proprietary technologies in the green energy and nutrition areas and will soon commence the process for patent protection.

We are committed to socially responsible employment practices and to be a supportive corporate citizen of the communities where we operate.  Our practices include nurturing an environment of inclusiveness, empowering women and minorities, and consistently operating ethically on a daily basis. We believe strong corporate governance is the foundation to delivering on our commitments to our shareholders.

Finally, we plan to publish and publicly announce a complete Corporate Sustainability Report on an annual basis as soon as our audited financials are complete.

“Sustainable corporate practices represent the cornerstone of our business. Our sustainable practices help us deliver reliable and affordable clean water, clean food and clean energy to our customers and suppliers, as well as strong, consistent value for our shareholders.”

Kevin Dwyer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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